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We install insulation from the smallest pipe which is 1/2" NB to 1 metre diameter and beyond if necessary. We cover a range of temperatures from - 60 degess C to over 1000 degrees C. The materials we use varies depending on the duty of the pipework and we have listed below a range of materials we use on a regular basis:



Fibre Glass

Foam Glass

Mineral Wool


Phenolic Foam



These materials can be protected with many different finishes and below are a sample of finishes we apply and fabricate in our workshop



Bright Class 'O'Foil

Colour Coated Steel

Galvanised Steel


PIB Sheeting

Plain Steel

Stainless Steel 304 BA and 3042B

Stucco Aluminium


Should you have a requirement that is not covered in the listed examples, please contact ourselves as this is just a sample of our day to day usage.

Contact us today for further information + 44 (0) 1229 583 954 / 587 077
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